Himalayan Raw Honey

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This honey has been collected from various forest villages around the rich forests of Neora
Valley National Park. The bees feed on the abundant flora and fauna found in the forest. The
honey is cultivated and harvested in traditional Nepali style that protects the bees and preserves
the pollen, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes found in the honey. Rather than just being sweet and
tasty this type of honey is also considered as a great source of medicine by the Nepali people,
helping to build immunity, heart health, and increase blood flow.

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Health benefits

Being raw and pure in nature this honey provides many health benefits

2.Wound-healing effects
3.Antibacterial elements
4.Anti-Inflammatory properties

Being unfiltered the raw honey contains bee pollen and propolis which also adds anti-cancer properties.

****The honey should not be given to infants and people allergic to pollen.

NUTRIENTS                 AMOUNT

Energy                             304kcal
Carbohydrate                 82.4g
Glucose                           35.75g
Fructose                         40.94
Potassium                      52 mg

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